Dr. Vi Tu Banh

  • Board certified optometrist in Canada
  • Full scope family optometrist with special interest in dry eye, neuro visual optometry & pediatric vision care
  • Since 2016, Dr. Banh has successfully treated hundreds of patients with concussion-like symptoms, using his innovative & unique V2 method of concussion treatment.
  • In early 1980, Dr. Banh & his family was rescued by the generous people of Uxbridge after spending 9 months on a deserted island called, Air Raya, in Indonesia as VietNamese Boat People. A year later, Dr. Banh & his family moved to Toronto after his dad found a job there.
  • In 2001, Dr. Banh returned to Uxbridge to open an optometry practice to provide the best eye care possible for the people of Uxbridge, as a way of giving back & paying it forward!
  • In his spare time, Dr. Banh enjoys playing golf, reading, running, walking, teaching his colleagues the VM method of concussion treatment.